Women's Short Hairstyle Trends 2012

Women's Short Hairstyle Trends 2012
Watch for the hottest 2012 short haircut trends on the high street and the red carpet. Join the most influential hairdressers in their ambition to take styling techniques to the next level.
06 Dec, 2011

Making a statement is not about doing mindless and dramatic changes in your appearance. Pre-planning is the key to success, therefore, it is highly recommended to chop off your locks if you're ready to make a long-term commitment to this versatile dimension. Hair gurus will help you find the most flattering hair design which has the power to add interest and glamor to your features. Start toying with the idea of making the cut, if you collected a large selection of inspiring looks as the 2012 short hairstyles below.

by Loreal

by Essensuals

A Cut Above

by Sassoon

  • Master the art of styling your pixie crop to inspire hair fans with your exquisite and original hairdo. Tousle your locks to inject and edgy vibe into your look and be sure to incorporate loads of high street styling formulas into your beauty sessions. On the other hand, you can also embrace a classy and more conventional attitude towards hair sculpting which offers you the chance to flaunt the refinement of your locks and the glossy texture of your hairdo. In this case use a flat iron if you have natural wavy locks or curls. Opt for a crop which matches your personality. Remember the short you go the more dramatic the style transformation will become.

  • by Salone Norma

    by Essensuals

    by Michel Dervyn

    by Wieselmann

  • There are hardly any hair dimensions that could rival the versatility of short crops. Give your tresses a quick fix with a few on-trend hair styling ideas. Sport your chic bob in zillion different ways depending on the style of the event and your mood. Let yourself be mesmerized by the modern allure these chic micro-cuts radiate. High impact hair designs like the ones that combine shaved sections with soft texture will a bold and beautiful touch to your look. However, if you want to take things slower you can rely on the ultra-sophisticated vibe of traditional bob hairstyles.

  • by Mahogany

    by Tim Hartley

    by Eveline Charles

    by Robert Kirby

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