Winter 2011 Chic Hair Color Ideas

Winter 2011 Chic Hair Color Ideas
Sport a fuzz-free crop and glam it up with one of these winter 2011 chic hair color ideas. Use highlights to keep monotony at bay and enjoy your versatile new season look.
08 Nov, 2011

Inject a shot of originality into your look with these creative winter 2011 chic hair color ideas. Our favorite hairdressers have a love affair with bold and beautiful hues that can add definition and glamor to plain tresses. After you've found the most flattering crop, it is important to revitalize your strands with a new and radiant hue. Those who are ready to break out of their boring shell have the opportunity to experiment with highlights or a block-coloring project. Opt for one of these beauty moves after considering the impression you want to create.

by Vincent Nobile

by Jacen Ward

by Mick Luppino

by Jamilla Paul

  • Discover the infinite color palette you can juggle with. Let the festive season be the perfect occasion to strip off all your confidence issues and make a daring style move. Regardless of hair length every fashionista has the chance to find a dream do that suits her skin tone and personality. Add an edgy flair to your do with the vibrant shades of red or purple. Platinum blonde, mahogany and blue are popular alternatives among those who are keen on adopting that 'all-eyes-on-me' attitude. Wow your friends with a dramatic makeover.

  • by Devon Plamondon

    by Richi Grissilo

    by Geoffrey Herberg

    by Jemmima Wright

  • If you're ready for a bold transformation go for block-coloring sessions. Tint all your strands with an eye-popping shade as illustrated above. On the other hand, if you wish to opt for the safest method to rock the transition from one shade to the other, go for highlights. Ask your hairdresser to grant you with a versatile and on trends look. Include the basic color protective formulas into your hair care routine to preserve the long-lasting radiance of your new hue.

  • by Kristina Russel

    by Cat Wells

    by Joey Scandizzo

    by Vivienne Mackinder

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