Just because you hair is short, this doesn't have to constrict you to a single look.
Just as you might have the same wardrobe, you don't wear the same outfit everyday – so why should it be the same with your hair?

Short Straight Hairstyle
Short Alina Bob Haircut

Short haircuts are so versatile, your style choice is limitless and as long as you have a reasonably good cut and you can try various styling options.

You can wear it smooth one day and textured the next.
Ask you stylist for some razor or point cutting throughout the layers to be able to wear it slightly messy and textured.

Wavy Short Hairstyles
Razored Short Haircuts

Moving your parting can also change you look instantly, so play it up! Wear hair accessories and use different styling products to change the way your hair looks – ask you stylist to show you how to use them then get experimenting at home!

Take a little more time on styling and turn on the texture.
If you've already got natural wave to your hair, apply a small amount of curl enhancer to longer layers and scrunch sections as you diffuse dry.

To get a more controlled curl, use a round brush or curling iron to create loose curls.

Curly Short Hairstyles
Ways to Style Short Haircuts

Another way to update you short hairstyle is to add some color to your hair – either bold block color, or subtle highlights, consult your hairstylist on color that will work best with your complexion and personality

Short Fauxhawk for Girls
Short Razored Layers Hairstyle