As we move into spring we're starting to see a lot more warm, honey tones in the hair coloring trends. These colors suit the wavy textured looks around at the moment. The greatest thing about highlights and lowlights is that they can vary from the darker tones to really light hues meaning there's a color combination for everyone.

Hair highlights and lowlights are a form of color to add light and texture to hair. They can be as subtle or strong as you want them to be and can be made bespoke and personal to suit each individual, with a mix of two, three or more shades within the color palette.

Blonde Highlights and Lowlights
Highlights and Lowlights with Pictures

Trendy hair highlights and lowlights will suit anyone that going for the natural look, without wanting to stand out from the crowd. Blended highlights and lowlights are not a strong color commitment and will work well if you're going for an understated look.

The great thing about highlights and lowlights is that they suit virtually any hair type – they can make fine hair look thicker and make heavy, dark hair look lighter and more textured.

Natural Looking Highlights Lowlights
Hair Highlights and Lowlights

The maintenance of highlights and lowlights depends on where you have them and how many. A full head of blonde highlights on darker hair will need updating every four to six weeks, whereas if you're just going for color in the underlying sections, they can be touched up as and when.