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  • Razor Cut Layered Hairstyles

    Razor cut layered hairstyles suit thin hair types and very thick coase hair. Find the best razored haircuts for your style.

  • Layered Bob Hairstyles and Haircuts

    Get layered bob hairstyles and haircut ideas with pictures of choppy layered bob hairstyles, graduated bob haircuts and razored layered bob hair styles and haircuts.

  • Choppy Pixie Hairstyles and Haircuts

    Choppy pixie hairstyles and haircuts are very popular haircuts among trendy women. Get inspired by pictures of choppy pixie hairstyles and haircuts, learn how to style choppy pixie hair styles.

  • Ways to Style Short Haircuts

    Just because your hair is cut short, it doesn't have to be boring - here are some great ways to style short haircuts or update your current short hairstyle.

  • New Hot Bob Hairstyles

    Get inspired by the sexiest bob haircuts, graduated, razored, edgy, asymmetrical bob hairstyles! Bob haircuts are still the most popular choice for short and medium-length styles this season.

  • Rachle Ray Layered Bob Haircut

    Rachle Ray Layered Bob Haircut

    Thursday, 04th Jun 2009

    At Rachel Ray's layered bob haircut, her hair was cut to just past the jaw and razored layers were added for movement and texture.

  • Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen Hairstyle

    Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen Hairstyle

    Monday, 09th Feb 2009

    Ashley Greene plays Alice Cullen from Twilight, wearing hair mid-length and shaggy, that's heavy on layering and complete with short razored bangs. To style, build...

  • Asian Long Razored Haircut

    Asian Long Razored Haircut

    Monday, 13th Oct 2008

    Flippy razored layers get even more attention when paired with dark block coloring with red highlights.

  • Short Razored Haircut

    Short Razored Haircut

    Friday, 13th Jun 2008

    Heavily razored layers are wispy and tapered at the ends, so they're great for showing off texture with shorter cuts and fabulous red color. Here, hair can be blown-dry...

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Spiky Hairstyle

    Cristiano Ronaldo Spiky Hairstyle

    Saturday, 01st Nov 2008

    Ronaldo haircut is a great example of the versatility of a short layer cut. The extra length on top allow for the hair to by styled conservatively or worn in funky,...

  • Short Razored Punk Haircut

    Short Razored Punk Haircut

    Monday, 13th Oct 2008

    Try several shades in the same basic family to create a look that's uniquely you! Blonde, dark ash and brunette on under-layers come together in perfect harmony....

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