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Prepare Hair For Coloring articles

  • [PHOTOS] Red Hair Color Trends in 2012

    Give your hair a dose of fashion-forward makeover with the coolest 2012 red hair color trends! Go for vibrand copper, auburn or mahogany shades or rock out the raciest shades in rich and saturated hues...

  • Fabulous Hair Highlights Ideas

    Let your locks come full of attitude by tinting them using these fabulous hair highlights ideas. Enhance the depth and definition of your do with a few on trend hair coloring tricks. Use these ideas regardless...

  • Cool New Season Hair Color Ideas

    Banish flat and dull hair days by opting for one of these cool new season hair color ideas. Visit your fave hairdresser for glamorous highlights or a block-coloring beauty session.

  • Cool Hair Color Trends to Try

    Count down the up-and-coming beauty trends of the moment and flip through the cool hair color trends to try. Showcase your style-awareness and tint your tresses with eye-popping shades. Make sure you have...

  • Winter 2011 Chic Hair Color Ideas

    Sport a fuzz-free crop and glam it up with one of these winter 2011 chic hair color ideas. Use highlights to keep monotony at bay and enjoy your versatile new season look.

  • Glam Hair Highlights 2011

    Don't be afraid to vamp up your tresses with the latest hair coloring trends as illustrated below. These glam hair highlights 2011 will take you to the next level when it comes of hair styling and dyeing....

  • Gorgeous Hair Color Ideas 2012

    If you're longing for versatility skim through the gorgeous hair color ideas 2012 below. Match your fashion-forward crop with a vibrant or more classy shade to add an extra wow factor to your look.

  • Ultra-Glam Hair Color Ideas 2012

    If you're fond of your new cut and you need a radiant shade, check out the ultra-glam hair color ideas 2012 below. Never underestimate the visual power of a high fashion hue.

  • Glamorous Hair Highlights Ideas

    Swap your lifeless and boring look for the following glamorous hair highlights ideas. Dress up your do with mesmerizing and vibrant streaks. Turn heads with an A-list sunny-season beauty update.

  • On Trend Hair Color Ideas

    Be the next color chameleon with these on trend hair color ideas. Swap your flat and lifeless locks for a hue that suits your skin tone and personality as the ones presented below.

  • Curly Purple Hairstyle Idea

    Curly Purple Hairstyle Idea

    Monday, 31st Oct 2011

    Turn heads with your unconventional and voguish curly purple hairstyle idea. Use the best coloring products and tools to bring out the most of your makeover.

  • Platinum and Purple Hair Highlights

    Platinum and Purple Hair Highlights

    Saturday, 12th Feb 2011

    These platinum and purple hair highlights look simply amazing in the same combination. Go for this hair coloring idea if you wish to make an impression with your...

  • Bold Hair Highlights Idea

    Bold Hair Highlights Idea

    Thursday, 10th Mar 2011

    Roughen up your look by adding a few bold hair highlights to your base tone. These attention grabbing hair coloring tricks will definitely put your hair dyeing and...

  • Mahogany Hair Highlights

    Mahogany Hair Highlights

    Wednesday, 23rd Feb 2011

    These cool mahogany hair highlights look simply scene-stealing when paired with a brunette base shade. Use your hair coloring skills to ensure the best conditions...

  • Two Tone Black Hair Style

    Two Tone Black Hair Style

    Monday, 04th Jul 2011

    This two tone Black hair style looks versatile and modern. Use the dip dye coloring technique to create the groovy visual impact with a multi-colored hairdo as the...

  • Glam Red Hair Highlights Idea

    Glam Red Hair Highlights Idea

    Monday, 01st Aug 2011

    This glam red hair highlights idea is perfect to add extra glamor to your locks. Work only with high quality coloring formulas to secure the long-lasting radiance...

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