Pink Hair Highlights

Pink Hair Highlights articles

  • [PHOTOS] Ways to Wear Pink Hair Color in 2012

    Tempted to add a splash of color to your hair for the summer? Choose from the many shades of pink hair color we've rounded up for the style hungry! Go for subtle pink chunks in your bangs, bright pink...

  • Colorful Hair Highlights Ideas 2011

    Perk up your fabulous crop with the following colorful hair highlights ideas 2011. Give a modern edge to your look by opting for bright shades which attract immediate attention.

  • Sexy Hair Highlights Ideas

    Vamp up your already smashing haircut with these sexy hair highlights ideas. Bring out the most of your skin tone and base shade to pave your way for a hair chameleon career. Use the following hair coloring...

  • Glam Hair Highlights 2011

    Don't be afraid to vamp up your tresses with the latest hair coloring trends as illustrated below. These glam hair highlights 2011 will take you to the next level when it comes of hair styling and dyeing....

  • Emo Hair Highlights Ideas

    Vamp up your mono-colored base tone with extra glam given by these stylish Emo hair highlights ideas. A similar colorful and cutting edge do will get you into spotlight immediately allowing you to enjoy...

  • Hot Brunette Hair Highlights

    A dull lifeless hair style will only ruin your look, therefore drop a glimpse at these hot brunette hair highlights to boost the glossy texture and prominence of your locks. Choose from the light and...

  • Fabulous Hair Highlights Ideas

    Let your locks come full of attitude by tinting them using these fabulous hair highlights ideas. Enhance the depth and definition of your do with a few on trend hair coloring tricks. Use these ideas regardless...

  • Glamorous Hair Highlights Ideas

    Swap your lifeless and boring look for the following glamorous hair highlights ideas. Dress up your do with mesmerizing and vibrant streaks. Turn heads with an A-list sunny-season beauty update.

  • Glam Hair Highlights Ideas for Fall

    Vamp up your new season look with these glam hair highlights ideas for fall. Refuse to limit yourself to a small color palette and think big when selecting your new hue.

  • Cool New Season Hair Color Ideas

    Banish flat and dull hair days by opting for one of these cool new season hair color ideas. Visit your fave hairdresser for glamorous highlights or a block-coloring beauty session.

  • Dapper Magenta Hair Highlights

    Dapper Magenta Hair Highlights

    Monday, 24th Jan 2011

    These dapper magenta hair highlights will cheer up your base hair tone with a vibrating allure. Sport this look with confidence and a show-stopping attitude.

  • Edgy Hair Highlights

    Edgy Hair Highlights

    Thursday, 13th Jan 2011

    Enhance the beauty of your locks with a cutting edge vibration in the shape of bold tinted highlights. These blue edgy hair highlights ideas are perfect if you're...

  • Glam Red Hair Highlights

    Glam Red Hair Highlights

    Wednesday, 26th Jan 2011

    Cheer up your tresses with these glam red hair highlights that look spectacular and faddish when paired with your medium hair lenght.

  • Blue Hair Highlights

    Blue Hair Highlights

    Thursday, 10th Mar 2011

    Arm up your midi or long hairdo with these fab blue hair highlights. These accessories will mirror your creativity and fondness for alternative hair styling.

  • Colorful Hair Highlights

    Colorful Hair Highlights

    Wednesday, 09th Mar 2011

    These mesmerizing and colorful hair highlights will breathe some life into your midi. Use them with confidence and make sure you place them in the perfect spots.

  • White Hair Highlights

    White Hair Highlights

    Thursday, 10th Feb 2011

    These uber-cool white hair highlights will definitely turn your do into a real work of art. Therefore place the tinted locks in the front section to boost the prominence...

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