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  • Fashion Forward Men's Hairstyles 2012

    Sport an old school or on the contrary ultra-modern crop to bring out the most of your features. The fashion forward mens hairstyles 2012 give definition and refinement to your locks.

  • Choppy Layered Mens Hair Styles

    Turn heads with your brand new and modern cut. Consider these choppy layered men hair styles the ideal source of inspiration for your makeover. Define the length and style of your tresses to achieve the...

  • Men's Haircut Trends for 2012

    Jazz up your look with one of the latest men's haircut trends for 2012. Define the ideal length and style to make sure you have a myriad of styling options. Show off your creativity with a too-hot-to-handle...

  • Stylish Men's Hair Styles for Fall

    The upcoming season is all about versatility. Check out the following chic men's hair styles for fall to make sure you know your options when it comes to revitalizing your tresses.

  • Men's Modern Haircuts 2012

    Make the most of your texture with these hottest men's modern haircuts 2012. Join the 'it' boys to sport the new flattering hairstyles of the next season.

  • New Trendy Medium Hairstyles for Men

    New trendy medium long hairstyles to get you inspired on your next hair cut, new rockabilly inspired hair cuts to choose from for dandies!

  • Ivy League Haircut for Men

    Ivy League Haircut for Men

    Thursday, 08th Jan 2009

    The hair is cut very short at the sides and back, while the top is short at the crown and gradually longer towards the front.

  • Men's Short Layer Haircut

    Men's Short Layer Haircut

    Thursday, 08th Jan 2009

    This cut is a great option for men with thick hair type. The hair is cut with a razor all over to add texture. Style it with pomade or gel and toss hair around for...

  • Men's Curly Hairstyle

    Men's Curly Hairstyle

    Thursday, 08th Jan 2009

    A great option for someone with curly or wavy hair, who wants to maintain some length. Layers where cut through the lengths and combed back after working moulding...

  • Men's Stylish Short Haircut

    Men's Stylish Short Haircut

    Thursday, 08th Jan 2009

    This short haircut is similar to a Caesar cut, except that the front is on the side and the top is texturized - a great style for someone who wants a medium length...

  • Robert Pattinson Layered Haircut

    Robert Pattinson Layered Haircut

    Saturday, 11th Jul 2009

    Robert Pattinson's hair is in layers using razor technique to create a casual shaggy look. His hair is styled with a dab of styling wax.

  • Taylor Lautner Short Layered Haircut

    Taylor Lautner Short Layered Haircut

    Thursday, 23rd Jul 2009

    Twilight star Taylor Lautner wears a short layered haircut, slightly tapered on the sides and back.

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