Lowlights articles

  • Trendy Hair Highlights and Lowlights

    A blend of trendy hair highlights and lowlights can give you the most natural, multitonal look that's bang on trend! Get a hot hair color update for the spring with trendy highlights and lowlights.

  • Secrets to the Perfect Hair Color

    Learn all the secrets to the perfect hair color professional hair stylists use to choose the best hair colors. Get all the info on choosing highlights and lowlights, how to match skin to hair color and...

  • Quick and Cheap Ways to Update Your Hairstyle

    Shake things up a bit with the following quick and cheap ways to update your hairstyle, to style your hair differently, getting bangs or highlights and lowlights into your hairstyle.

  • The New Trends in Hair Highlights

    Get new trendy highlights and update your current hair color! Discover how to get and wear peek a boo highlights, highlights in bangs or simple panels and colored streaks.

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