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  • Women's Short Mohawk Hair Styles

    Refuse to get stuck in the rut and instead make sure you try out all the rad hair style options. These modern short mohawk hairstyles will provide you with the best motivation to ramp up your locks with...

  • 2010 Hairstyles Trends for Women

    Get the scoop on the hottest 2010 hairstyles trends for women! Browse through all the important 2010 haircuts and pick the best hairstyles to suit your style from the long hairstyles, short hairstyles,...

  • Kids Hairstyles - Short Cuts for Girls

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  • Long Hairstyles for Young Girls

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  • Medium Hairstyles for Little Girls

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  • Rihanna's Mohawk Hairstyle

    Rihanna's Mohawk Hairstyle

    Saturday, 25th Jul 2009

    Rihanna showed up the the UK premiere of "Inglourious Basters' sporting a new version of her short haircut. Rihanna's mohawk was buzzcut on the sides and back, while...

  • Cheryl Cole Long Curly Hairstyle

    Cheryl Cole Long Curly Hairstyle

    Tuesday, 16th Jun 2009

    Pairing a smooth crown with bouncy, unkempt swirls at the ends, Cheryl Cole's long curly hairstyle was styled by setting her hair on jumbo rollers and hood-dried.

  • Punk Girl Red Mohawk Hairstyle

    Punk Girl Red Mohawk Hairstyle

    Monday, 13th Oct 2008

    At this punk mohawk hairstyle a strip of hair across the top of the head is left long and colored red. The sides have been cut extra short and colored blonde.

  • Scarlett Johansson Modern Beehive Updo

    Scarlett Johansson Modern Beehive Updo

    Thursday, 15th May 2008

    The beehive hairstyle represented the loud and proud 60s female, when girls were really coming into their own. Today's ladies - just like Scarlett Johannson - are...

  • Razored Mullet Hairstyle

    Razored Mullet Hairstyle

    Saturday, 21st Jun 2008

    This cut works beautifully on fine hair. It's a short, edgier twist on layers that give you more volume. Hair that's too thick ends up looking like a mullet.

  • Relaxed Long Sleek Hairstyle

    Relaxed Long Sleek Hairstyle

    Saturday, 12th Jul 2008

    Long, straight hair looks fresh and flirty with the pinned up faux-bangs. Blow-dry with a flat-backed brush, pulling hair downward as you go. Polish ends by flat-ironing....

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