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  • Romantic Do-it-Yourself Hairstyles

    Looking extremely feminine and glamorous doesn't always require professional styling skills or tools. For certain special occasions, such as a date, we look for sweet, bohemian hairstyles that can be done...

  • Valentine's Day Hairstyles Ideas

    We all agree that Valentine's Day is one special moment. Every single detail is extremely important when getting ready for such a day, starting with the outfit and accessories and ending with makeup and...

  • Loose Curls and Body Wave Perms

    Get loose curls perm or body wave perms to update your hairstyles with the latest permanent treatment technology.

  • Curly Hairstyles - How to Style Curls

    Learn how to style curly hairstyles with flat iron, curling irons, hot rollers and the diffuser with curly hair styling tips and tricks!

  • How to Style Retro Curly Hairstyles

    Learn how to style stylish retro curly hairstyles and old Hollywood waves. Check out hot to get 50s hairstyles, how to style Marcel waves and pinup curls.

  • How to Calm Frizzy Curly Hair

    Very curly, frizzy hair can look a mess and even anti-frizz products can't fix the problem. Learn how to calm frizzy, curly hair with these expert tips!

  • 3 Hot Long Hairstyles for Fall Winter '08-'09

    Check out 3 sexy ways of styling long hairstyles for fall winter 2008 2009. How to style long straight hairstyle, a classic ponytail or loose boho curls.

  • Summer Hairstyle - Boho Curls for Long Hair

    Summer hairstyle for long haircuts and easy to do step by step instructions to get hot boho curly hairstyle easy!

  • Fiery Red Curls

    Fiery Red Curls

    Monday, 21st Mar 2011

    These fiery red curls will definitely help you stand out from the crowd. Inject some drama into your appearance by playing with the visual effect various bold hues...

  • Long Loose Curls Haircut

    Long Loose Curls Haircut

    Thursday, 20th Oct 2011

    This long loose curls haircut is the perfect option if you wish to play up your feminine side. A tong will help you inject volume and definition into your super-fine...

  • Voguish Long Big Curls Hair Style

    Voguish Long Big Curls Hair Style

    Saturday, 24th Sep 2011

    This voguish long big curls hair style can definitely add a romantic flair to your new season look. Use hot rollers to boost the volume of your tresses. With a spritz...

  • Megan Fox Loose Curls Hairstyle

    Megan Fox Loose Curls Hairstyle

    Thursday, 12th May 2011

    Glamor at its finest is the main attribute that can describe the hairstyle choice made by Megan Fox for the 2011 edition of the Golden Globes. The loose curls emphasized...

  • Long Side-Swept Curls Hair Style

    Long Side-Swept Curls Hair Style

    Wednesday, 16th Mar 2011

    This Long Side-Swept Curls Hair Style radiates a retro-glam groove. Use this styling idea as the best option to make the most of your hair texture and length.

  • Long Big Curls Hair Style

    Long Big Curls Hair Style

    Monday, 19th Sep 2011

    This fabulous long big curls hair style is a real treat for those who are fond of feminine looks. Use a tong or high class hot rollers to add oomph to your strands....

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