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  • Stylish Braided Hair Styles

    Romantic hair styles will spare you from style blunders. Therefore sport these stylish braided hair styles with confidence and an alluring attitude. Master the art of braiding and learn the best designs...

  • Chic Celebrity Braided Hair Styles

    Join the craze of flirty hair design fans by copycatting the following Chic Celebrity Braided Hair Styles. Master the art of plaits and come up with brand new designs you can popularize among your friends...

  • Simple Braided Hairsyle Ideas

    Put your hair styling skills to a fabulous test using as the main source of inspiration these simple braided hairstyle ideas. Master the art of versatile pleating techniques and use the best tools to secure...

  • Spring/Summer 2011 Ponytails and Braids Trend

    Lately, two of the easiest hairstyles, which don't necessarily require too much effort and time to make them, became the It-hairstyles among so many different trends. Ponytails and braids are sported by...

  • Big Braided Hair Style

    Big Braided Hair Style

    Tuesday, 26th Jul 2011

    This big braided hair style relies on the visual of volume. Use volumizer or teasing as the best methods to add definition to your locks. Learn some of the most...

  • Romantic Messy Braided Updo

    Romantic Messy Braided Updo

    Monday, 21st Nov 2011

    Prep for the holidays with this romantic messy braided updo hairstyle. Play with your natural texture to create this low maintenance and at the same time ultra-modern...

  • Fabulous Braided Updo Hair

    Fabulous Braided Updo Hair

    Tuesday, 25th Jan 2011

    Start the preparation for the special day by experimenting with a similar fabulous braided updo hair style. Use your pleating skills and top the stylish top bun...

  • Fabulous Messy Braided Hairstyle

    Fabulous Messy Braided Hairstyle

    Thursday, 15th Dec 2011

    This fabulous messy braided hairstyle might not suit everyone. Make sure you have the right attitude to make the best of your cute do.

  • Chic Long Braided Hair Style

    Chic Long Braided Hair Style

    Wednesday, 08th Jun 2011

    This chic long braided hair style is perfect to make a romantic statement with your locks. Use your fave pleating technique to inject a flirty flair into your look...

  • Long Braided Bangs Hair Style

    Long Braided Bangs Hair Style

    Thursday, 07th Jul 2011

    Indulge yourself into a fabulous transformation using this long braided bangs hair style idea. Wear the hottest trend of the moment and master the numerous pleating...

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