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  • What Hair Color Is Right For Me

    What hair color is right for you is the same hue that you should match your skin tone and eyes color, blue eyes, hazel brown or black, light skin or dark skin.

  • Edgy Hair Highlights

    Edgy Hair Highlights

    Thursday, 13th Jan 2011

    Enhance the beauty of your locks with a cutting edge vibration in the shape of bold tinted highlights. These blue edgy hair highlights ideas are perfect if you're...

  • Funky Blue Hair Color Idea

    Funky Blue Hair Color Idea

    Monday, 01st Aug 2011

    This funky blue hair color idea is perfect to make sure you rock a unique and glam look. Place the tinted spots in the front section to attract immediate attention.

  • Gorgeous Green and Blue Punk Hair

    Gorgeous Green and Blue Punk Hair

    Friday, 30th Sep 2011

    This gorgeous green and blue Punk hair attracts immediate attention. Use your creativity to match flattering shades to your base tone. Use color protective formulas...

  • Rainbow Hair Color Idea

    Rainbow Hair Color Idea

    Thursday, 27th Jan 2011

    Go for the edge and wobble between the extremes of hair coloring with this rainbow hair color idea. A similar do will definitely catch the eyes of your entourage...

  • Voguish Short Layered Bob Hair Style

    Voguish Short Layered Bob Hair Style

    Thursday, 11th Aug 2011

    Adopt the 'all eyes on me' style attitude and rock this voguish short layered Bob hair style to make a real statement. Use flat iron to keep your locks poker straight...

  • Kim Kardashian Beehive Updo

    Kim Kardashian Beehive Updo

    Thursday, 06th Jan 2011

    Kim Kardashian wore a stylish beehive updo at the 2011 Peoples Choice Awards. She looked stunning walking the blue carpet with her classy bouffant updo.

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