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  • 27 Piece Hairstyles

    27 piece hairstyles can easily bring out your inner diva and turn you into a short haired goddess, so check out the following 27 piece hairstyle ideas and draw inspiration for your next hot style!

  • African American Hair Care Tips

    African American hair care tips and tricks - taking care of your hair at home, a five minute guide on Black hair care needs and easy solutions.

  • What Hair Color Is Right For Me

    What hair color is right for you is the same hue that you should match your skin tone and eyes color, blue eyes, hazel brown or black, light skin or dark skin.

  • Short Black Hair Style

    Short Black Hair Style

    Monday, 10th Jan 2011

    Take a glimpse at this short black hair style that looks stunning when paired with all face shapes and features. Choose a similar low maintenance do to enjoy hair...

  • Medium Layered Black Hair Style

    Medium Layered Black Hair Style

    Tuesday, 28th Jun 2011

    Add a flirty vibe to your locks with this medium layered Black hair style. Opt for asymmetry if you're not afraid to experiment with a multitude of hair sculpting...

  • Black Hair with Red Highlights

    Black Hair with Red Highlights

    Tuesday, 28th Jun 2011

    This black hair with red highlights is the perfect style inspiration in need of a glamorous hair color option. Place the tinted streaks in the front section to make...

  • Black Hair Highlights

    Black Hair Highlights

    Monday, 31st Jan 2011

    Choose these black hair highlights to mirror your boyish toughness or on the contrary subtle sex-appeal. Place the colored strands to the lower layers for a cutting...

  • Short Black Pixie Haircut

    Short Black Pixie Haircut

    Thursday, 07th Jul 2011

    This short Black Pixie haircut radiates femininity and a modern allure. Take full advantage of the low maintenance quality of this hair and feel free to come up...

  • Cool Black Hair Highlights

    Cool Black Hair Highlights

    Monday, 31st Jan 2011

    That's what we call a cutting edge do. Therefore try your hand at these cool black hair highlights that would tun your locks into a real work of art. Use the best...

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