Timeless Hairstyle Ideas

Timeless Hairstyle Ideas
Classic beauty is ageless. And there are hairstyles that proved, throughout time, that they can stay strong despite all trends. These timeless hairstyles are not just extremely stylish, yet they are characterized by an amazing combination of simplicity, elegance and versatility, being the perfect choice for almost every occasion and requiring basic styling skills and tools.
10 Mar, 2011

When it comes to timeless hairstyles, no one can deny their amazing many-sided and reliable character. Well, you cannot go wrong with a classic chignon or some retro sexy waves. Besides, what can be more posh than a cute pixie or a vintage-inspired bob? All these classic hairstyles represent sources of inspiration for all the hairstyle trends that come and go season after season. Take a look at these old faithfuls in matters of hairstyling and get ready to flaunt a flawless, classic beauty!

Getting the old-school Hollywood glam is not the hardest thing to do. Classic voluminous waves and vintage curls are chic and easy to achieve and they can give you in an instant the perfect glamourista look especially if you have long or medium-length hair. In order to obtain glossy curls, use a large-barreled curling iron. Start by taking hair sections and make curls starting from mid-lengths down. For a maximum diva shine effect add some serum as a final step. You can even run your fingers through your hair for a slightly tousled version.

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You can get some ladylike appeal with one of the oldest hairstyles ever. The updo can be traced back to Ancient Greece, when Athenian women used to wear their hair fixed in a chignon with gold or ivory handcrafted hairpins. Throughout time, the eternal bun reinvented itself season after season, coming with different, innovative versions. Still, the classic style is simple and sophisticated and it can be done in no time. Whether you choose the French twist or a higher updo, keep in mind that for maximum elegance, you must opt for a flawless, polished finish.

A simple braid is not just a sweet, playful and romantic hairstyle. And it may be considered as probably the easiest style you can do, yet it can also be uber-gorgeous and elegant, perfect for a night out with your friends, adding sex-appeal to your overall appearance.

Even though in the past women could rarely be seen outside of the boudoir with their hair gathered in a simple, informal ponytail, nowadays, this timeless hairstyle became a sexy, glamorous red-carpet favourite. This represents one of those choices that requires speedy styling and a minimum amount of effort. However, it's the easiest way to keep you hair looking elegant and chic especially when matching it with red lips. If you want to glam-up even more your look, take a hair section and wrap it around the base of the pony.

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Seen at its very beginnings as a rather unrespectable style, the classic bob became one of the hottest hairstyles ever. It was made popular by film stars Colleen Moore and Louise Brooks in the early 1920s, but it was considered a shocking declaration of independence of younger women. Nevertheless, its ever-growing popularity lead to more stylish reinterpretations and cuts of the bob. The classic sleek bob with clean lines allows you to play with bold makeup, while using a curling iron you can easily create vintage curls into your bob.

Elegant and classy, short hairstyles are utterly fun and chic. A pixie haircut can be a dramatic change and contrary to the idea that it is more masculine, it is in fact so sexy, youthful and feminine. When choosing the pixie, remember that for square faces it is more flattering to keep the hair at the nape of the neck a little longer in order to smooth the features. If you find the pixie too short and daring, you can try the bowl cut and still look exceptionally stylish.

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