Peek a Boo Highlights

What Highlights Should You Get

Almost everyone looks great with a few highlights, but if you use bleach, you always expose warmer undertones in brunette and yellow ones in blonde. You can have the best of both worlds by using opposite colors as accents. A few cool streaks on warm hair or under-layers colored opposite of the skin tone are fun to consider. Blonde hair with brown lowlights is a beautiful way to add depht and thickness to any length. 

Peek-a-Boo Highlights

Peek-a-boo hair color is very hot right now; it's a mix of blocks and slices of color placed strategically to add dimension and movement. Peek-a-boo highlights can work with any tonal range of amount of contrast between highlights, lowlights and the base.


Highlights in Bangs Hairstyle
Highlights in the Front
Along Lower Lengths
When you want to avoid upkeep altogether, get a bi-level cut, then add highlights to the surface of under-layers only. They play up the length and add a textural feeling. No need for retouches either; when you desire a different look, all you have to do is snip off a few inches.
Through the Bangs
Bold panels of brighter shades that peek out through the fringe have two advantages: upkeep is easier and they draw attention to your face. Anytime you want, cover them up or let them grow and keep your longer locks longer.
Blonde Hair with Red Highlights
Trends in Hairstyles with Highlights
Throughout the Front
For today’s dramatic geometric styles, both the cut and color look different coming and going. The shorter, angled front frames your face when the shades are brightened. From the back choppy, longer pieces stay your natural shade. Brush hair straight back for a whole different effect.
Above and Below Highlights and Lowlights
Darker under-layers add depth to your look, but when you add a flask of the same shade on the surface, you get a better-balanced style. The treatment also makes fine hair look lots thicker.