What Product Does What

A hair styling product can make or beak your hairstyle. Let’s take a look at some of the typical styling products available on the market and how they should be used, depending on the desired look.

What product to use when styling Curly hair
Photo: Tom Carson Hair: The Brown Aveda Institute, Mentor, OH

For Volume and Curls

Encourages natural texture and calms curls with a golf-ball sized blob of mousse applied to clean, damp hair.
Curl Lotion
Stops your luscious curls and waves from crisping up with a smothering of this pre-blowdry booster - for softer curls, choose lotion rather then spray.
Root Boosters
Attacks flat lengths at the roots with a spray designed to lift your hair. Apply before blow-drying or use when dry for a quick volume boost.
For the best all-over coverage, flip your head upside down when applying a volumizing product, even if your hair is damp.
For Smooth Shine

Straightening Balm
Ideal for coarse, wavy hair that kicks up a fight when straightening. For best results, apply it to clean, damp hair before blow-drying.
Keeps those flyaways under control with a dab of serum applied to dry, outside layers. Apply little touch here and there to take the frizz down and use the right amount for your hair type.
Shine Spray
Finish off a good smoothing session with top-quality shine spray. Hold the bottle six inches from your hair for a good, overall coverage.
For super-shiny results on very frizzy days, add a dab of serum to damp hair before you apply your straightening lotion.

For Tantalizing Texture

Hair Wax
It is ideal for bringing soft texture to short, medium-to-fine haircuts. Look out for different weights for specific hair types.
It's good for thick, short hairstyles that need strong control. Use it when you want to lift bangs high, or smooth wayward side layers back.
Styling Putty
Putty is best for thick, curly-to wavy hair. Scrunch a top-quality putty into the very ends for movement, hold and glossy shine.
With all the products, rub a dab between your palms and massage or mould into your hair. Avoid the roots to prevent floppiness.

For Essential Hold

Hair Gel
When strong-hold os required, the king of gravity-defying looks is the traditional gel. Friend of many a rockabilly style, a good one should dry rigid.
Gel Spray
New product, gel spray makes the application of product sticky-palm free. The fine, delicate spray makes it a useful ally when creating updos or scrunched hairstyles.
As old as time itself - virtually - hairspray applied to dry hair holds in carefully crafted styles. Choose from flexible, mega and moisture filled hold - to name just a few.
Layer up to hold product. Adding too much, too soon, could leave you looking like an '80s throwback!