Find Out What Hairstyles Suit Your Face Shape

Try to leave trends and fashion aside when choosing a haircut. There are hundreds of women haircuts out there, but not all of them are meant to suit your particular face shape.
If you want to define your features in the best possible manner, it is very important to choose the right style according to the shape of your face. Getting the best haircut for your face will also emphasize your best features.
You can easily determine your face shape by pulling back your hair tightly in a high ponytail and take a good look at the outlines of your face – the size and shape of the forehead compared to the cheeks and chin will indicate your face shape.
Hairstyles for Round Face Shape
Photo: Tom Carson Hair: The Brown Aveda Institute, Mentor, OH

Round Face Shape

The main feature of a round face is the circular shape that is as wide as it’s long and is usually characterized with a round chin and also round hairline.
The Best Hairstyles for Round Face
The goal is to minimize the roundness of the face- to elongate it.
For short haircuts, try to avoid blunt cuts. The shag will work best on you, because it’s heavily layered and keeps the sides of your hair short or closer to the face and also provides instant height at the crown.
Longer, layered hairstyles can also give the appearance of a longer face and slenderize the neck. The most flattering bangs for a round face are soft, feathery bangs, or the side-sweeping ones, that gently hug the cheeks and minimize their width.
Oval Face Shape

The main feature of an oval face is the forehead that’s usually wider as compared to the chin, also broader cheeks that taper in at the forehead. Hairline is gently rounded and the approximate length is equal to one and a half times width.
The Best Hairstyles for Oval Face
This face shape is considered to be a face shape that can wear any type of style or hair: from a cropped cut to a blunt bob to longer, layered styles –including bangs which can be worn in just about any style and length. Try to avoid covering up your perfect face shape with heavy bangs or wearing your hair on your face.
Hot Hairstyle for Oval Face
Photo: Tom Carson Hair: Bella Capelli Sanctuario, Westlake, OH
Hairstyle for Square Face Shape
Photo: Tom Carson Hair: Ladies & Gentlemen Salon & Spa, Mentor, OH
Square Face Shape

The main features of a square face are broad and strong forehead, square hairline and angular jaw.
The Best Hairstyles for Square Face
In this case, you’ll need to soften the strong angles and edges of the face.
Layers with long side sweeping bangs will produce a great balance for the look and draw attention away from the strong jaw line.
Try to avoid blunt, rounded, above the jaw line haircuts that add more width to the jaw.
Really short cuts will exaggerate the edges and angles of your face shape.
Heart Face Shape

Heart shaped faces are usually narrow at the jaw line with a pointy chin and wide at the forehead or cheekbone. It is very much similar to an oval face shape - the difference is that below the cheekbones is narrower.
The Best Hairstyles for Heart Face
In this case, your goal creating balance between a wide forehead and a pointy chin. Your hairstyle should create more width to your small jaw line and diminish the strong forehead. Layered chin-length and shoulder length haircuts will work well on your face shape. If you want bangs with that, make sure that they are feathery and side sweeping, not blunt ones that make your face shape shorter and wider. Also deep side partings will visually break up the width of the forehead.
Hairstyles for Face Shapes
Photo: Tom Carson Hair: The Brown Aveda Institute, Mentor, OH

Oblong or Long Face Shape

An oblong face is very much similar to a square face but it is longer with high cheek bones, a raised forehead – hairline and jaw line are narrower.
Best Hairstyles for Oblong or Long Face Shapes
If you have an oblong face shape, you’ll need to add width to minimize the length of your face. Short and medium-long haircuts with longer top layers and bangs are best for you. Try to avoid short layers on top which will add more height at the crown. Also middle parts are definitely no-no’s.

Hairstyles for Diamond Shaped Face
Photo: Tom Carson Hair: Future Wave, Oregon, OH
Diamond Face Shape

The main features of a diamond shaped face are broad and strong forehead with square hairline and angular but narrow jaw.
The Best Hairstyles for Diamond Faces
In this case you need to add fullness around the forehead and chin to form a more balanced oval appearance. You can easily achieve that by choosing haircuts which add width at the chin area. Choose styles that add softness and width at the cheekbones and fill out a pointed chin. Bangs are also a great option – side sweeping , feathered or texturized ones. Try to avoid very short haircuts with no bangs, also middle partings that will add more length to the face.