If you like the idea of getting bangs but you're not quite sure if they will suit you or annoy you, get some advice to help you decide whether to get bangs or just forget about it!

Getting bangs is a great way to update a hairstyle without losing loot much length. And when bangs work they can be key to that person's look and because there are so many bang types available there is something to suit everyone's taste.

Hairstyles with bangs can take a while to get used to but if you have your bangs regularly trimmed, they won't get into your eyes and are easy to manage.

If you still have doubts about bangs, begin with sweeping side bangs, which aren't as dramatic as full and blunt bangs and can be easily blended into the hair if you decide growing them out. But try to stick with side bangs after a few days once you are used to them, I'm sure you'll love it!

Just because everyone's wearing certain bang styles it doesn't necessarily mean they're right for you. Your hairstylist will be able to advice you on whether or not to have bangs and which style to have. There are many factors to consider, face shape, hair type, hair condition and lifestyle which will all affect whether bangs will look good and work for you.

Bangs 101!

After getting bangs, dry shampoo is your new best friend! As bangs are in constant contact with your forehead, they can easily get greasy and limp at the end of the day. Use dry shampoo sparingly to remove excess oil from bangs and restore it to a freshly washed finish.
Spray on the underneath of your bangs and leave to sit for a minute to ensure any excess oil is fully absorbed, then brush out and blow-dry your bangs to give them shape.

Small lengths need smaller plates to get down to the root and the mini flat irons are just the ticket! To prevent bangs from looking over-flattened, switch on your flat iron for a few minutes, then turn off just before using.