New hair color trends come and go but when you find something you really like, will it suit your skin tone, hair type and lifestyle? It's always tempting to go for the latest trends and colors, but before you do, be realistic and ask yourself if they will really suit your fashion sense, personality and also budget.

A radical change can sometimes mean a change of color in your wardrobe, a new makeup kit and a brand new attitude. So it's not a decision you should make lightly. Follow some simple rules and learn how to make certain hair color trends work for you to bring out the best of what you've got.

Perfect Blonde Hair Color
Perfect Bright Hair Color

When choosing a new hair color, you need to consider your skin tone. As a general rule, cool skin tones suit cool colors, whereas warm skin tones suit warm colors.
Your skin tone is cool if your skin turns pink before tanning and your veins and eyes are blue, while warm skin tones will tan easily, have dark eye colors and their veins are green.
Cool skin tones will suit cool colors like blue and purple and warm skin types will match warm colors like red and orange. These colors form the base of any color you would like to add to your hair.

If you want a shade to enhance what you already have, or you're after returning to your natural tone, then hair highlights for blonde and a semi-permanent gloss color for brunettes may be the perfect answer.

Some color treatments can thicken the hair strand – with this in mind, if you want a shade that will make your hair healthy-looking then an all-over semi permanent or permanent shade may be the answer. In general, semi-permanent hair dyes are less damaging than permanents.

Perfect Natural Hair Color
Lowlights can make solid, darker shades far more interesting, giving them dimension and fullness. These thin strips of muted bright or dark shades look like filtered light and are often viewed as “highlights” for brunettes, but they can equally be placed through red hair too.

Keep in mind that the thicker the color section, the more modern the finished look. If you want to make a serious style statement, hair color is where you can really show your individuality.

If you are naturally dark and want to be bright pink, you will need a full head of bleach first to give yourself a light enough base color to dye onto.
You can also bleach smaller sections of hair that you color up in different shades depending on your mood.