If you've got stuck in a hair routine, got bored of how your hair looks or just want to shake things up a bit without doing a complete makeover, get some tips and tricks to update your hairstyle!

Try moving away from your usual daily routine – if you usually use the flat iron to straighten your hair, why not use it for curling? Or if you wear your hair down all the time, you could try a sleek and simple ponytail.

Something as simple as changing your parting or adding bangs doesn't cost the earth, and can make a huge difference to your hairstyle. Just make sure it's one that suits your face shape.

Ways to Update Your Hairstyle
Ways to Style Long Hair

Also there is a surprising number of hair coloring techniques available that are quick and cheap and won't lock your into a maintenance routine (like grown-out roots that need to be touched up every 4 to 6 weeks).

You can easily transform your hair with a few well-placed contrasting highlights and lowlights. Ask your stylist for a consultation and explain you don't have much money to spend. Make sure you find out exactly how much it will cost.

If you want something less permanent, try clipping a few colored hair extension wefts around the bottom layer of your hairstyle.
You'll get extra length and funky hair color, which will make the most visible difference to your hair, with very little effort or money.