Bob haircuts are still the most popular choice for short and medium-length styles this season. Can't believe a new haircut can make a big difference?
Get ready to change your mind and see which one works for you!
Medium Long Blunt Bob Haircut
trendy Angled Bob Haircut
Pair pale blonde hair color with a razored, slightly choppy haircut, and you've got the season's hottest looks. For hair this bold and revealing, be sure you have lot of attitude!
Put some kick in you fine, straight bob by having hair lightly layered through the crown, then direct it forward at a subtle angle as you blow-dry. Hair is a little longer on the sides that beautifully frame the face.
Hot Layered Bob Haistyle Graduated Bob Hair Cut
Fine, straight hair tends to go limp if left too long. That's where layering comes in - by razoring hair in various sections, you'll come out with more body, shape and interest. This cut is especially modern. Flat iron helps flex up those ends and pomade lends separation.
Young girls typically stick to longer hairstyles, but cutting them shorter can really set you apart! A graduated chin-legth bob is universally flattening, especially when shorter upfront layers, off-center parting and side sweept peek-a-boo layers are thrown into the mix. Blow-dry smooth and flat-iron for sleekness.
Trendy Bob Haircut Blonde Curly Bob Hairstyle
Dark, lustrous hair is so stunning when boasts tons of movement. Heavy layering brings on the bounce, while tappered asymmetric bangs draped across the forehead will certainly get attention.
Women with coarse curly hair often spend lots of time straightening their hair. It's a shame too, when natural texture can look so hot and interesting. Use curl enhancer products, a diffuser when blow-dry and frizz-tamer to keep curls shapely.