Modern Punk Short Hair Styles

Modern Punk Short Hair Styles
Sharp structures meet high street refinement in these modern Punk short hair styles. Embrace an avant-garde crop to stand out from the crowd. Add your signature style stamp to a chic Bob or a Pixie using the newest styling formulas.
06 May, 2011

Inject some drama into your cool crop to radiate confidence and an open-minded attitude towards modern hair dressing. This season's modern Punk short hair styles come in a rich variety. Those who are not afraid to go bold with their look will have the privilege to cover all the top tendencies of the moment. Pair your chic short Bob or close-cropped hairstyle with undercut sections, an eye-popping hue or a dapper bangs design. The fashion armada will love you for your innovative and visionary look. Drop a glimpse at these faddish examples on how to nail down a voguish Punk hairstyle regardless of your hair type.

by Sophie Lomas

by Carl Keeley

by Carl Keeley

by Justin Pace

  • The secret to have the eye-catching look you're lusting after is to know your options. Whether you wish to go for a graphic or softer haircut the point is to match the right structure to your features. In case of alternative hair dressing there are no strict rules when choosing a statement crop. However if you wish to create a harmonious and flirty effect it is worth considering a few essential factors as your face shape and hair texture. Sleek locks work perfectly with similar hair designs, however there's no need to shy away of edgy cuts if you were blessed with a wavy or curly hair texture. Similar undercut and super-short crops can also adapt to voluminous locks. If you still long for poker-straight hair you can still use a high quality flat iron.

  • by Pete Koziell

    by Pete Koziell

    by Laura Lowres

    by Lee Preston

  • Punk short hair styles are the hot stuff for those who wish to stay on trend with the newest hair styling ideas. The best tools to create an eye-catching do are wax and texturising pastes. Dig out the most of your unconventional crop with a few sculpting tricks. Play with texture and create too-cool-to-miss quiff hair styles or lovely sleek bangs designs. Draw some inspiration from the examples presented here and start your va-va-voom makeover.

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