The perm technology has come a long way since it first appeared. The process of permanent waves or loose curls perm involves the use of chemicals to treat the hair and alter its structure.
Perms used back in the days were damaging, but new perms ensure gentle processing for strong, healthy hair.

Loose Curls Perm Hairstyles
Body Wave Perm Hairstyle

Different wave/curl patterns require different rod types and sizes. The size of the rod used on your locks is also determined by the length of your hair.

Loose curls perm is the perm that gives the hair a slight wave. It is done with large rods and hair is wrapped around it about 1-1/2 to 2 times. This type of perm will add more volume and movement to your hair.

How your hair will turn out after getting a perm depends on the hair's length, condition and texture.

If your hair is incredibly straight choose large rods to create natural waves, those with a slight, natural wave you’ll need to place the rods to the bottom layers of your hair.
If you are looking to tame your natural frizzy curls, this type of perm can do the trick and relax it beautifully.

Make sure you know what perm style and post perm hair length you want to have. Take a picture and show it to your stylist if you can't describe it with your own words.

Before getting a perm make sure your hair is in its best condition by getting regular conditioning treatments several weeks before you get the perm.

Get a haircut or a trim before getting your perm to get rid of damaged split ends. After getting the perm, use regular moisturizing treatments to keep your hair in good condition.