Adding bangs to your hairstyle, or changing the way your current bangs look are both great ways to update your hairstyle or try something new.
Dramatic, side-swept, blunt-cut, flicked, quirky or choppy, there's a bang style for everyone.

Here are the hottest long hairstyles with bangs to get you inspired for your new hairstyle!

Long Hairstyle with Faux Bangs Long Hairstyle with Side Bangs

Faux Bangs

A long layered shag featuring shorter pieces up front is perfect for days when you want to wear angled, eye-veiling bangs - angled faux bangs swept over one side.
Sweeping Side Bangs

Opt for dramatic sweeping bangs for a sexy look. The deep asymmetric part allows for the bold bang to bring all the attention to the eyes.

long Hairstyle with Long Bangs Long Hairstyle with Blunt Bangs

Long Bangs

Nothing says sexy and cool better than long hair and blunt, lash-skimming bangs. The ends of the bangs are point-cut to add extra definition and to allow the eyes to peak through.
Blunt Bangs

Opposites attract when you pair long, loose waves the cascade across the shoulders with ultra-smooth heavy bangs that graze the eyelashes and waves are casually flung across shoulders.

Long Hairstyle with Rounded Bangs Long Hairstyle with Choppy Bangs

Rounded Bangs

Smooth, rounded, heavy bangs extend from temple to temple – cut to blend into the sides and hit just along the tips of the lashes.
Piecey Choppy Bangs

Jagged, piecey bangs direct attention toward the eyes. This hairstyle features staggered, jagged layered and full lash-tickling fringe.