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Long Quiff Curls Hair Style
Long Quiff Curls Hair Style
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This dazzling long quiff curls hair style echoes a retro-chic allure. Go for it if you wish to flaunt the beauty of your hair lenght. Use a bobby pin to secure a few locks from the front section to your...

  • Mid-Part Curly Hair Style

    Mid-Part Curly Hair Style

    Saturday, 12th Feb 2011

    This dapper long mid-part curly hair style will help you play up your dainty features and natural hair volume. Use your styling skills to sport an A-list hairdo...

  • Chic Long Red Hair Highlights

    Chic Long Red Hair Highlights

    Thursday, 10th Feb 2011

    These chic long red hair highlights when paired with a similar fabulous updo can do miracles with your moth-eaten look. Use the fiery shade to add some interest...

  • Long Red Curly Hair Style

    Long Red Curly Hair Style

    Wednesday, 09th Feb 2011

    A similar mesmerizing long red curly hair style is one of the most sophisticated options to complement your casual as well as formal look. Use hot rollers or a curling...

  • Chic Blonde Hair Highlights

    Chic Blonde Hair Highlights

    Wednesday, 09th Feb 2011

    These chic blonde hair highlights will make a natural looking and classy impression. Use the lighter shades to illuminate your base tone and enhance it with a modern...

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