Short Haircut for Little Boys
Cute Haircuts for Young Boys

Young boys can worry just as much about their looks as girls - but usually not before age 12. This makes your job as a parent much easier, you only need to keep their hairstyle simple and neat. Young boys are usually very active on the playground and don't want hair get in their way, so parents need to choose them boy-friendly, easy to maintain styles.

There are a handful of great haircuts for young boys to choose from and these will usually range in three styles with some different variations: the crew cut or spike cut, the comb down and the side sweep. Each style depends on the length of the hair and how it's styled.

Caesar Haircut for Young Boys
Crew Haircut For Boys

Short hairstyles also need to get trimmed regularly, though many parents can accomplish basic trims with hair clippers at home.
For medium long boys’ hairstyle, a popular hairstyle is to layer the hair from between 1 to 2 inches all over - shorter on the sides, longer on top - with short bangs.
Long Shag Hairstyle for Boys
Shaggy Haircut for Boys

This is a great style because when the hair is messed up, the layers make it less noticeable.
A shaggy look is also a popular hairstyle -the length is left longer and uses different layers to create that slightly "uncontrollable" look. The varied-length layers look better when they're messed up. It's a low-maintenance haircut, looks fine when air-dried naturally.

Cute Haircut for Little Boys
Buzz Haircut for Kids