So let’s bust a myth!
Can we make our hair grow faster? No, definitely not!

But if you really want a long hair, then you should read this piece of article, as we’ll expose some tricks in order to make you just a little bit happier!

How to Get Long Hair Fast
Does hair grows in a certain rhythm?
Your hair may stop growing if you have any health problems or are suffering from certain nutritional deficiencies.

Hair is protein, so if you’re having a low level of protein in your body, it might influence your hair growth.

Stress in a major factor in everyone’s life, and it does cause lot of harm.
Hair loss is just another effect.

So try to stick with a healthy diet, rich in protein, and try to avoid stress!

Give yourself a little time when things become unbearable and just chill.

So what is left?

  • Hair extensions may be a great idea if you need long hair for a special occasion.

  • Carefully treat your hair - a good quality brush or comb is absolutely necessary, avoid unnecessary brushing, use the right hair products, get rid of split ends.

  • Relax your scalp my massaging at least once in a week. It provides stimulation to the hair follicles.

  • A healthy diet does wonders – try to consume as much vitamins as you can – vitamin A, B, C, E and vitamin K (your hair will most likely respond well to these vitamins).

  • A weekly treatment is also necessary, in order to stimulate hair growth.

  • Sleep! It has also been discovered that regular sleep can help your hair grow faster (7-9 hours a night is suggested).