Curly Hairstyle with Volume & Texture

Your hair is flat and lifeless? Find out what’s the secret to achieve that va va voom volume and sexy texture!

The key to creating long-lasting volume is to work with small sections of hair at a time, building body in each before moving onto the next. Use wide-tooth comb to divide hair, then secure with sectioning hair clips.

Use heat-activated thickening product when you blow-dry. When your hair is nearly dry, add some volumizing product and finish styling.

Rollers add volume when you make sections of hair same size as the circumference of the rollers and roll strands straight down. They should sit right in the center of the part lines.

Get a shorter haircut. Long, heavy hair is hard to pump up, because it’s weight.

Rich conditioners can weight down fine hair types, making it flyaway and unmanageable. Don’t skip this stage though as all hair types need some degree of conditioning. Instead, look for lighter ones, specifically designed to moisturize hair without leaving it lifeless.

Style for root boost: first mist with a styling spray, then hold damp strands straight up with large brush as you hit them with the airflow. Don’t drop the section until roots are completely dry.

For lots of natural looking volume pin damp hair on top of your head, allow to dry, then take out bobby pins and let it fall. The same thing happens if you wear an updo all day and take it down at night.

If your hairstyle has dropped during the course of the day and you want to revive it for a night out straight from work, arm yourself with volumizing spray. Mist product through the hair – particularly to the roots – then tip your head forwards and use the heat of the hand dryer to dry. This is not quite a five star blow-out but it does the trick every once in a while.