Emo hairstyles reflect the personality and individuality of the wearer. The style is closely related to punk hairstyles and often has multiple colors, spikes, asymmetrical layers and long peek-a-boo bangs swept across the face. The bulk of the hair is usually dyed dark color –usually black - with bright blocks and streaks of other electric colors.

For most emo hairstyles you’ll need to the hair salon at least for the haircut and coloring.

Girls Emo Scene Hairstyles
How to get emo haircolor?
When you’re styling emo hair you need to decide what the main color is going to be; then choose colors for the panels and streaks that will complement it. For a real emo hair color use a brighter color in the layers of the hair, so it’s revealed through the outer layers that hang over the top.

How to get an emo haircut?
One of the main characteristics of emo hair is that it is cut into layers of varying different lengths. Having long asymmetric bangs down over the face is also typical of the emo look. When cutting layers into the hair cut shorter layers onto the top revealing the different colored layers beneath.

How to style emo hairstyles?
Emo hair is almost always straight. So blow-dry the hair and take out any waviness and curls off it. Pull the hair toward the brush as you blow-dry – this will help you straighten it out. After blow-drying, use a hair thinning razor on the outer layers, to thin them out especially towards the ends. Next use flat-iron the straighten hair even more and to make the look more compact and defined.

Emo hairstyles have quite a lot of volume on top and get thinned towards the ends of the hair. To give the hair more volume on top, backcomb and blow-dry near the roots.
Emo Hairstyles for Girls
Use hairspray to fix the hair this way. Do it with a head hanging downward to increase the effect even more.
Use hair wax to give the look more definition and shape. Choose a glossy hair wax to add shine as well. Style the hair so it’s compact towards the ends but still has volume at the top.