Very curly, frizzy hair can look a mess and even anti-frizz products can't fix the problem. Learn how to calm frizzy, curly hair with these expert tips!

Curly hair shouldn't be brushed when dry.
Comb it well with a wide-toothed comb after shampooing and use a deep conditioner, then don't brush it again until you next wash it.

Hair Care Tips to Get Rid of Frizz
Once a week your should be using an intensive treatment which will penetrate he hair shaft and make your hair easier to control.

To get controllable curls, condition your hair twice after shampooing. By doubling up on conditioner your hair will be softer and the curls looser. Also, combine your conditioner and mousse to give structure to your curls whilst keeping them defined and conditioned.

Try leave-in lotions and creams which work like moisturizers.

Use a range especially designed for coarse, dry hair you can blow dry or leave to dry naturally and won't get your hair greasy and dull. .

This is a common problem faced by many girls with curly, frizzy locks.
Try to decrease the product amount by half and don't apply it too close to the root and you should notice a difference.

How to Calm Frizzy Curls Tips

The anti-frizz smoothing serum is the ultimate styling product for softening unruly strands, taming frizz and giving hair a shine boost – you'll only need the lightest dab worked throughout the ends!