These days, women not only want a great haircut and hair color, they want to be able to have a great finish – to achieve expensive, editorial-style hair. Of course, not all of women can afford going to the salon for a blowout twice a week, but salon-style look can be yours with these 5 expert steps.
So take you blow-dry to the next level and with these simple tricks learn how to fake a professional blow-out.

Step 1
Blot freshly-washed hair with a towel to remove as much moisture as possible.

Step 2
First use a tiny amount of thermal styling product to protect your hair and provide a little control. Then use the right products – if you want extra body and texture, try spritzing volimizer spray throughout the hair, including the roots. Or, if you want to manage frizz and boost shine, apply a small dab of a glossifier.

Step 3
Work a paddle brush through your locks to pre-dry the hair – the brush will lessen moisture and seal the cuticle.

Step 4
Section your hair from the nape of the neck with some clips. Start at the back with small sections at a time, pulling hair taut as you go. To boost body and texture, wrap hair 2/3 of the way around a large round brush – this will leave your locks with plenty of soft, full curves – but ensure you aim the nozzle of the hair-dryer down the hair shaft to get the cuticles to lie as flat as possible. Repeat this all over.

Step 5
When hair has completely dry, finish with a mist of shine spray for a style that’s polished to perfection – or strong finishing spray to banish fly-aways and control tresses for a flawless finish.