What should I do?
If you are really unhappy with your new haircut find out what's the best way to approach the subject with the hairstylist.

A stylist's job is to give you a haircut that makes you feel fabulous - so if this isn't the case, you're right to bring it up with your stylist.

I Hate My New Haircut

If you know you don't like it, it's best to say so while you're still at the salon.
Be honest about what you don't like and the hairstylist can reassess the haircut with you and see if it can be rectified.

If you find that the hairstylist won't cooperate – in a reputable salon, this shouldn't be the case – then ask to see the manager and have someone else cut it for you.

Hair Disaster - What to Do When Haircut Went Wrong
If you feel the cut is too short, there's little you can do except wait for it to grow back, although your stylist could try styling it differently to make it more bearable.

If you've left the salon, ring and speak to the manager, explain the situation and work out a solution.
You should be invited back for a complimentary haircut.