The best hairstyles for fine hair should bring more life, volume and movement into limp, fine locks. Find out what hairstyles will suit fine hair types, with tips and tricks for making fine hair look thicker, fuller and easier to manage.
There are various options if you want a new hairstyle for fine hair.

Bangs are the perfect choice if want to keep your hair's length and add a bit of attitude to your style, and teaming blunt bangs with short, choppy layers will help build more volume and texture, creating more fullness.
Shorter layers will give the illusion of thicker hair. Don't get short bangs though, you'll need more hair coming forwards to give the bangs some weight.

Get a long bob haircut using the club cutting technique, which makes fine hair look thicker - it's like a blunt cutting technique and give the hair a thick line and it doesn't look thin and feathery.
Cutting your hair definitely won't make it limp so don't be scared to go chopping a few inches off.

Coloring can also make hair look thicker by getting different highlights to your natural base color – not a whole head of highlights, just some color placement around the face.

Get fullness by getting a perm! Perms have been off the fashion radar for many years, but a good hair stylist can perm your hair to make it fuller and add some bend to your locks.
Perms today are not about wash and wear, but a way of adding soft waves, creating more volume.

Consider a weave wind perm, which gives root lift and a kick rather than actual waves or curls. Another option is a root perm that will lift only the roots.

You'll be able to let your hair dry naturally or blow-dry it with a diffuser, then use a curling iron to add definition here and there. The new perms are gentle on the hair and won't dry it out, although you'll need to use hair treatments once a week.

If you're not scared to go for a short cut, chop it off! There brilliant hair styling products out there that will allow it to be styled beautifully in loads of different ways!