Hairstyles for Prom

  • Celebrity Vintage Hair Styles

    Celebrity Vintage Hair Styles

    Wednesday, 06th Apr 2011

    Need some style inspiration for a special event? Check out these glamorous celebrity vintage hair styles. Use the best styling formulas to guarantee the long-lasting...

  • Chic Celebrity Braided Hair Styles

    Chic Celebrity Braided Hair Styles

    Friday, 25th Mar 2011

    Join the craze of flirty hair design fans by copycatting the following Chic Celebrity Braided Hair Styles. Master the art of plaits and come up with brand new designs...

  • Glam Ponytail Hair Styles

    Glam Ponytail Hair Styles

    Wednesday, 02nd Feb 2011

    If you wish to sport the hottest looks of the season make sure you drop a glimpse at the glam ponytail hair styles presented here. These super-flattering half-updos...

  • Stylish Braided Hair Styles

    Stylish Braided Hair Styles

    Tuesday, 01st Feb 2011

    Romantic hair styles will spare you from style blunders. Therefore sport these stylish braided hair styles with confidence and an alluring attitude. Master the...

  • Chic Formal Hair Styles 2011

    Chic Formal Hair Styles 2011

    Wednesday, 12th Jan 2011

    Glossy and luxe tresses are some of the must have accessories to complement a fabulous glam look. Therefore drop a glimpse at these chic formal hair styles 2011...

  • Summer Hairstyles with Flower Accessories

    Summer Hairstyles with Flower Accessories

    Friday, 16th Apr 2010

    Get inspired for beautiful and romantic summer hairstyles and learn how to wear flower hair accessories. Choose from updos and buns worn with fresh flowers or how...

  • Runway Bun Hairstyles

    Runway Bun Hairstyles

    Tuesday, 02nd Feb 2010

    The 2010 Spring Summer runway bun hairstyles are sophisticated, young and easy to style. Learn how to style trendy bun hairstyles from Fendi, Lanvin runway shows...

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