Gorgeous Short Layered Haircut Trends

Gorgeous Short Layered Haircut Trends
There's nothing more versatile than a polished crop. These gorgeous short layered haircut trends will provide you with the best inspiration to nail down the trend and add your signature move to the evolution of the fab Pixies and short Bob hair styles.
24 May, 2011

Getting rid of bad hair days features on the top of your beauty wishlist? Then start flirting with the idea of embracing a short and flirty crop. These gorgeous short layered haircut trends furnish you with the necessary motivation to star your re-style project and leave the hair salon with a confidence-boosting new do. This popular hair dimension has the power to dig out the most of all hair types.

Whether you struggle with the lifeless condition of your super-thin strands or would like to spare yourself of the long hours spent in front of the mirror to keep your thick locks in top shape, the point is to find out more on your alternatives. Professionally inspired cuts can offer you an insight into the versatility of short hair. Try your hand at the lovely hair designs and prove that a micro-cut can be equally sexy and romantic as the cascading angelic curls or a chic midi.

by Hugh Campbell

by Creative Hairdressing

by Hugh Campbell

by Aveda

  • Layering gives hyper-versatility to your plain locks. Team up the thinned out sections with your charisma to rock a statement look for the new season. Short hair is the name of the game if you're not afraid of polishing your sculpting skills. A similar universally flattering dimension can definitely emphasize what's best in all face shapes.

    Sport your micro-do with confidence and wow your friends with diverse and innovative styling alternatives. Graduated structure is here to save you from boring hair days. Layered chunks when placed in the front section can add some length to your features and create a more mysterious and dainty groove. Furthermore, don't forget about the crown area if you're in need of volume. Inject some definition into your fab tresses to create the impression of super-healthy hair.

  • by Aveda

    by Oscar Cullinan

    by Hair XS Shirt

    by Mark Wooley

  • Every event deserves to be honored with a voguish look. Use your properly equipped styling kit to create the styles you were dreaming of. Play with your natural texture if you're more of a Boho chic or minimalist style fan. On the other hand you can also expand the sculpting options by opting for flat irons or a tong that allows you to see how versatile short hair can really be.

  • by The Art of Hair

    by The Art of Hair

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