Glamorous Hair Highlights Ideas

Glamorous Hair Highlights Ideas
Swap your lifeless and boring look for the following glamorous hair highlights ideas. Dress up your do with mesmerizing and vibrant streaks. Turn heads with an A-list sunny-season beauty update.
12 Jul, 2011

Trade up your new season look with one of these glamorous hair highlights ideas. It's time to kiss goodbye to your boring look and embrace a 'look-at-me' attitude. These vibrant shades will provide you with the secret weapon to break out of your boring shell. Check out the positive impact a similar quick beauty update can have on your appearance. Regardless of your hair length you'll be able to nail down a myriad of hair designs. Consider the ideal hue you can match to your skin tone along with the hair dyeing pattern you wish to use.

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  • If you're color-shy opt for hues that are 1-2 shades lighter or darker than your base tone. However if you're not afraid of radical changes, you are encouraged to expand the color scale you'll work with. These bold and amazing hair designs provide you with the most stunning inspiration to make sure you have a well-defined idea of your makeover. Visit your fave beauty salon and let your stylist find out everything about your dream do. Place highlights to the crown section or upper layers if you wish to make a smashing statement. On the other hand tinted streaks when positioned in the lower layers can create a more mysterious and subtle impression. Choose according to your preferences and character.

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  • Ask the help of a pro colorist to help you pull off an A-list look. Only the high class hair dyeing formulas can guarantee the long-lasting radiance of your new shade. Similar vibrant hues are prone to fading. As a consequence it is highly recommended to include the color-protective hair care products into your beauty kit. Regular touch ups can also secure the spotless and dazzling impression of your versatile do.

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