Glam Ponytail Hair Styles

Glam Ponytail Hair Styles
If you wish to sport the hottest looks of the season make sure you drop a glimpse at the glam ponytail hair styles presented here. These super-flattering half-updos would give your appearance a feminine and high street allure. Use your styling skills to copycat the looks like a real pro.
02 Feb, 2011

Nail down the newest hair styling trends with your perfectly polished and updated tresses. Choose a hairdo that allows you to showcase your refined style-sense as well as hair sculpting talent. The sultry and glam ponytail hair styles presented below are here to save you from the bad hair days and provide you with the most dapper alternatives to style your strands. These too cool to miss half-updos are some of the most popular new hair styles both for special occasions as well as casual chic events. Match the right hairdo to the event this way securing the best conditions to enjoy the admiring glimpses of your entourage.

by Hobbs

by Mack Hairdressing

by Essanelle

by Davis Bitton

  • Scene-stealing ponytails come in endless variations. You'll find here designs that allow you to play with your natural wavy or curly hair texture. On the other hand those who are obsessed with the super-sleek and glossy looks will have the privilege to tie their locks into the most dazzling sculpted ponytails. Combine the different pop hair styling techniques as braids and twists with these ponytails to boost the prominence of your do. Take a closer look at these fab examples on how to rock out the ponytail hairdo trend.Choose depending on your preferences as well as consider your hair length and face shape as additional important factors.

  • by Jean Louis David

    by Gemma Johnston

    by Balmain

    by Hair Arena

  • Loose ponytail hair styles are perfect for those who have a fall for Boho chic and more relaxed dos. In this case prepare the locks for this styling session with the most efficient conditioners to ease your task.Use a gentle hair elastic to tie the lock into a cute ponytail and let flyaway strands flow free on your shoulders. Loose ponytails look stunning when paired with curls and waves, Therefore curly your strands with hot rollers or a curling iron and then proceed to the next level when you'll pull off the chic ponytail.

  • On the other hand there are also additional ponytail designs to experiment wit. The super-sleek ponytail requires polished and detangled locks. Therefore make sure you use the best flat iron to add a sleek and shiny gloss to the hair. Then tie the hair into a high or lower ponytail and take a strand and cover the elastic with it to make the do even more elegant and scene-stealing. Use these tricks and options as the best tools to rock the glam ponytail hair style trend.

  • by Wild Life Hair

    by Jack Holt

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