Fabulous Short Haircut Trends

Fabulous Short Haircut Trends
Those who want to experiment should take a closer peek at the following fabulous short haircut trends. This hair dimension grants you with a wide repertoire of hair styling options. Play up your texture with a lovely micro-cut.
01 Jul, 2011

Re-invent your style by opting for a brand new crop. It's high time to take a closer glimpse at the most influential beauty trends of the moment. Trimming your locks is one of the best solutions to make a dramatic change in your appearance. If you're fond of versatility and modern hair designs check out these fabulous short haircut trends. From pixie hairstyles to short bobs you have everything you need to revitalize your tresses.

by Sylvia Forsyth

by Kate Rawnsley

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  • Nail down the iconic Pixie cut by adding some layers to your chic short crop. Discover the infinite advantages of a similar cute do and make sure you have all the must have formulas at hand. Try your hand at a wide repertoire of hair designs from the tamed and classy hairdo to the mussed up models. Choose a flattering style according to your character and face shape. Pro hairdressers claim that that Pixies are some of the universally-flattering haircut options ever invented. Skim through these inspiring looks to spot the one that best matches your criteria of a statement crop.

  • by Tom J Perez


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  • Experiment with a modern take on the classy short Bob hair styles. Choppy layers of all lengths will add texture and definition to your strands. Consider them as the secret to stand out from the rest of the crowd. The party season allows you to flaunt your wildest short hair sculpting fantasies. Use wax and styling creams to rock a unique and statement hairdo. Don't forget about the importance of a voguish bangs designs that can add an extra glam factor to your micro-crop.

  • by Sylvia Forsythe

    by Sylvia Forsythe

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