Emo Hair Highlights Ideas

Emo Hair Highlights Ideas
Vamp up your mono-colored base tone with extra glam given by these stylish Emo hair highlights ideas. A similar colorful and cutting edge do will get you into spotlight immediately allowing you to enjoy the standing ovation paid to your glam hair style. Choose from the vibrant and eye-popping shades and pick the hues that do magic with your lifeless locks.
26 Jan, 2011

If your flat hairdo needs a volume boost make sure you spread a few stylish colored strands all over the locks. These Emo hair highlights ideas will be simply mesmerizing for those who long for a dramatic and edgy hairstyle.
Choose the best color combo to bring out the most of your base tone as well as skin color. These examples will set you on the right track when it comes of both the positioning of the highlights as well as their selection. Green, blue, black, purple and even orange are some of the most sought-after shades Emo fans use to cheer up their look and add some depth to their cut.Follow their example and arm up your locks with a smashing hair color that keep you versed with the latest tendencies in alternative hair styling.

by Vivienne Mackinder

by Vladimir Tarasyuk

by The Angus M Team

by Massimo di Stefano

  • Use these stylish examples as the best source of inspiration to say goodbye to your dull tresses and welcome a brand new look that brings you the admiring glimpses you were dreaming of all your life. Cool hair highlights as these are some of the secret weapons of hair stylists to breathe life into the locks. In order to achieve the desired drop-dead-gorgeous effect make sure you define the perfect shade or shades as well as the position of the highlights beforehand. Place these colored strands to the crown section for an instant prominence boost. On the other hand you can also stick to the lower layers if you wish to create a more subtle and peek-a-boo effect.

  • by Saco

    by Joico

    by Mark Leeson

    by Paul Mitchell

  • Emo hair styling is notorious of its open-minded attitude towards hair styling ideas. Those who wish to adopt a similar hair style will notice that dyeing your locks black in no longer a rule of Emo fashion, instead it focuses more on your creativity. Therefore you can tint with these fab highlights both your brunette, black and even blonde locks. Check out how the different hues look like when teamed up with a particular base tone and see whether these suit your preferences. Keep these examples in mind before heading to your favorite hair salon for that breathtaking makeover.

  • by Panache

    by Francesco Artistic Team

    by The Angus M Team

    by Paul Mitchell

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