Learn how to do a modern and easy DIY hairstyle, the French twisted ponytail.
The twisting of the pony is an easy trick to increase volume and will also adds a stylish detail to your hairstyle. Follow these steps to style your French twisted ponytail!

Easy DIY French Twisted Ponytail
French Twisted Ponytail Hairstyle with Photos

Start with dry hair and with a rat tail comb, gently backcomb your hair concentrating on the crown area. Using short, sharp strokes tease hair back on itself from halfway down on the length moving up to the shaft to create volume.

To form the basis of the French twisted ponytail, smooth your hair back from your face and starting at the top of your head, twist your hair tightly working your way downwards from the crown to the nape.
Then holding your pony tightly, secure it with an elastic and then use bobby pins to fix it to your neck to stop it untwisting.

How to Style French Twisted Ponytail with Pictures
Hair Styling Instructions with Pictures

With your French twisted ponytail in place, you need it to give some finishing touches. Start fixing the pony with your fingers until it's a shape that you're happy with.
Finally, mist with a healthy dose of hairspray.

Styling Tip!

Work with day-old hair, as freshly washed hair can slip and are harder to manage.
Or, prep hair with dry shampoo so that it has more grip and it's less slippery.