As seen at the hottest runway fashion shows, the 80s were resurrected and crimped hairstyles are officially cool again. Hair crimping, when done right, adds great texture, volume and a trendy finish to any hairstyle or length.

You can pull crimped hair up into a fashion updo, put it into a pony like Portia De Rossi, crimp just sections or just your bangs for a cool, modern hairstyle.
Find out how to crimp hair and how to get the hottest crimped hairstyles with the following steps.

Crimped Bangs Hairstyle
Crimped Hairstyles Ponytail

Stuff you will need to crimp your hair:

- blow dryer
- crimping iron – or a flat iron, read on to find out how!
- rat tail comb
- heat protection spray
- hair wax
- medium hold hairspray

How to Crimp Hair

After washing, conditioning and toweling hair, using the nozzle attachment, roughly blow dry your hair straight, focusing on keeping the roots and crown smooth.

Section off small strands of hair, starting with the under layers.
Spritz with your favorite heat protection spray and work your crimping iron down, right through the lengths. Work through your hair, selecting small, random sections at a time.

Use a small dab of wax to define the ends of the crimped sections and create a shattered effect. Finish with a healthy mist of hairspray, ruffling the lengths through your fingers to create the mussed-up finish.

If you don't own a crimping iron here's an alternative to get crimped hairstyles: Wash and blow-dry your hair as explained above, braid strands of hair into small sections and mist with heat protection spray.
Take the braids and smooth over with your flat iron. Leave to cool, then unravel braids for a zig-zag crimped finish, ruffle through with fingers and mist with hairspray!

Crimp Hairstyles
Crimped Hair Styles