If you ought to get a short and sassy hairstyle, the choppy pixie may be a hot option for you! This season short pixie crops are worn messy with lots of texture. You can easily take a pixie haircut from everyday wash-and-wear to a serious style statement!

Wear it choppy and messy during the day, and glam it up for the evening wearing it sleek with a '40s side parting.


Choppy Pixie Hairstyles
Choppy Layered Pixie


A super short choppy pixie hairstyle is not for the faint hearted – you'll need confidence to pull off the look, as well as delicate features. But if you don't have elfin features, a short pixie haircut can be tailored to suit most of the face shapes adding bangs or longer layers at the top. When looking for pixie haircuts for round faces, make sure they give way to creating volume at the crown. 

For heart-shaped faces, short crops with volume will balance out the narrowing face. Contrary to popular belief, square shaped faces can suit short haircuts, but be sure to keep the edges of the style soft as this breaks up the strong lines of the square face. Oval faces shapes can pretty much pull off any short hairstyles.


Choppy Pixie Haircuts
Photos of Choppy Pixie Hairstyle
Straight Choppy Pixie Hair Style
Spiky Choppy Pixie Hair

How to style choppy pixie styles

When styling a short pixie, dry hair in sections from the back, ensuring that you finisheach section with a blast of cool air, to make your 'do last all day.

When choosing hair products, look for putties, waxes, clays and gels to manipulate your style. You can also mix together products, but remember they have to be warmed up before they work properly.
Rub the product vigorously between your palms until is melts and softens. Then run your hands through your hair for an even coating and start working on the individual sections, tweaking and twisting pieces of hair into place until you get the look you want.


Messy Choppy Short Haircuts
Short Choppy Hairstyles


Choppy Pixie Hair Tips!

Short hairstyles draw attention to your features, so always keep your makeup flawless!

Longer lengths in the front of a short crop will give it a feminine touch and will prevent short haircuts becoming boyish!

If your hair is very thick, ask for lots of layers to reduce the weight of the hair.