Chic Medium Hairstyles for Mature Women

Chic Medium Hairstyles for Mature Women
It's time to switch things up a bit and sport a perfectly polished and modern midi. Draw some inspiration from our repertoire of chic medium hairstyles for mature women. Head to the salon with your fave hair design that suits your personality.
06 Oct, 2011

Change is good especially if you're sick and tired of your plain look. Update your appearance to stay on trend with the newest hairdressing trends. Learn more about the zillion different sculpting options mid-length crops can offer and start flirting with the idea of making the cut. The following chic medium hairstyles for mature women will furnish you with a parade of inspiring hair designs to choose from. Define the length of your locks to make sure you rock a hairstyle that suits your face shape.

by Oscar Oscar

by Lynette Robinson

by Redken

by Matrix

  • When definition and fullness is your aim, it is highly recommended to think about embracing a gorgeous tapered hairstyle. Asymmetry when placed at the crown section will spare you from unmanageable texture and bulk. Consider the numerous advantages of a dazzling medium hair style that allows you to keep your locks super-versatile and glossy. Whether your hair is wavy or poker straight, you can create equally mesmerizing looks using a few of the basic styling formulas. Inject natural movement into your tresses for a funky fresh effect. Take a modern turn on the classy bob or shaggy crop and come up with innovative ideas on how to wear a unique look.

  • by Redken

    by Redken

    by Grapevine

    by Raffel Pages

  • Dress up your midi with soft or heavy layers. Take full advantage of the glamor boost these accessories can add to your hairdo. Another trick to make hair look more revitalized and modern is to choose a smashing fringe design. Side-swept bangs can add length to your features. On the other hand, if you're into geometric and edgy shapes go for a fashion-forward blunt fringe. Show off the beauty of your boxy crop using a flat iron and a tiny amount of texturising clay. Wow your friends and entourage with your inspiring and voguish mid-length haircut.

  • by Ralph Hartmann

    by Ralph Hartmann

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    by Jean Louis David

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