Are you having a bad hair day? Or a bad hair month?
Hair loss is a major issue, as hair is one of our most important elements in our looks.
Stress, bad eating habits, and the wrong treatment – all this can damage for good your beautiful hair.
So what to do?

We will give you some great advice in regenerating hair follicles. However, when talking about stress and bad living habits, it’s you who should change something, and do it fast! In influences your whole life!

How to Prevent Hair Loss

So, can we prevent hair loss?

Well, biotin plays a very important role in your hair’s health, so try drinking a special cocktail - a smoothie. It contains mashed bananas with honey, yoghurt and low-fat milk – it’s very rich in biotin so it should be marvelous for your hair!

We never take enough supplements! Vitamins are essential in our diet and hair needs some Vitamin B and Zinc to shine and look great. You can find them in natural food sources or you can take some dietary supplements from a drugstore.

When washing your hair, try inverting your head and give your scalp a nice massage. The blood circulation in that area will be refreshed! Remember to get enough sleep (it’s extremely healthy) and loose some stress!