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Chic Loose Wavy Haircut
Chic Loose Wavy Haircut
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This chic loose wavy haircut is perfect to channel your flirty sex-appeal. Use a tong to add texture to your soft locks.

  • Asian Bob Hair Style

    Asian Bob Hair Style

    Friday, 21st Jan 2011

    Experiment with this Asian Bob hair style that will do magic with your ultra-resistance and fine locks. Choose the perfect length and design to feel pleased with...

  • Cool Purple Hair Highlights

    Cool Purple Hair Highlights

    Wednesday, 19th Jan 2011

    Pair your already smashing haircut with these cool purple hair highlights and enjoy the standing ovation paid to your cutting edge and modern look.

  • Ziyi Zhang Long Wavy Hairstyle

    Ziyi Zhang Long Wavy Hairstyle

    Monday, 22nd Jun 2009

    Ziyi Zhang's thick bodied, loose waves look beautiful when styled for plenty of texture.

  • Ziyi Zhang Low Ponytail

    Ziyi Zhang Low Ponytail

    Saturday, 20th Jun 2009

    If you've only got 2 minutes to do your hair, try a quick low ponytail with a parting. It's more flattering than just pulling hair back and Ziyi Zhang's low ponytail...

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