Long Blonde Straight Hairstyle

1. When conditioning your hair in the shower, make the final rinse a cool one which can help to seal the hair and add shine.

2. When towel drying don’t rub too vigorously – this can lead to the cuticle of the hair not lying flat, and you won’t get the best shine from your hair. Blot with your towel instead.

3. Direct the airflow from your hairdryer so that it flows parallel to the hair shaft. This will stop the hair from burning, seal the ends and help you achieve a smooth, shiny result.

4. A good serum applied to damp hair before you start drying keeps hair supple while helping to protect from heat damage, encouraging a sleek, smooth finish.

5. To keep you look sleek, finish with a mist of hairspray – this is a great barrier against humidity and stop frizzing.