2011 Hot Trends in Hair Style and Color

2011 Hot Trends in Hair Style and Color
In spite of the outside temperature – still cold, snowy and gloomy, calling for hats and caps – it is the time to explore the trendiest hairstyles for 2011 spring. Knowing them will allow you to try them on, so that you can be ready in five minute and look like a diva. Here are the 5 trendy hairstyles for this spring:
05 Feb, 2011

As spring announces its arrival with a refreshing sense of glamor, the fashionistas are on the look out for trendy hair tips ready to beautify them this season.

This season the hairstyle colors are all about making women look seductive and feminine; and if you are the one who believes in taking care of your hair the natural way, then make sure you explore the natural hair dye options.
The wild girl

A loose braid on one side of your head, carelessly done will give you a mysterious but also wild air. Perfect for blondes, this hairstyle calls for volume, highlights and hairspray. So make sure you choose only the best hair products.

Tight curls

Making a huge comeback, well defined, Marilyn Monroe-esque curls will give you a seductive air. Hair mousse, gel and conditioner, plus a high quality curler will do the trick. This hairstyle does justice to any hair color and it is perfect for short to medium length hairstyles.

Pony tail

Slick pony tails remain in trend. Straight hair and glossy hairspray can help you achieve a fast and practical hairstyle fitting any lady with long hair. If you love this style and plan to use it in the evening, make sure you curl the tail to add a bit of glamor to your look.
Sumo bun

The name may sound a little off, but the style is actually very simple. The impression you will create will be a fresh and girly one. And this hairstyle may save you a lot of trouble when you are in a hurry.

Braids and volume

Givenchy recommends volume and complex braiding for this year. Such a hairstyle is perfect for stylish events and gives a sophisticated air to any woman who wears it.

So far color goes, following four are the major trends this spring:
1. Lighter

Feminine and sophisticated, the combination of light shades talks of innovation. Asymmetric cuts, precisely trimmed bangs give a sense of purity, a natural fluidity, complementing features. The hair shines like a mirror in nuances that start from golden and pink, move through silver and platinum and glide towards copper. Blonde is no longer just a blonde.

2. Natural glamor

Inspired by nature and dedicated to the modern women who love natural look, this style brings a tribal inspired overlay of textures, volume and gold mixed with rich browns. Blonde insertions here and there will make the hair shine in the sunlight.

3. Passion flame

As the name itself says, the color talks about burning feelings. Rihanna was the first to approach this vibrant red. The color is surely unique, complex and sensual but a little hard to maintain.

4. Power of contrast

Whether it is the haircut or the color combination, the contrast is surely something else. It is a spring trend celebrating the modern, daring woman, independent through a hairstyle defined by elegant lines and a perfect finish. The perfect combination is vibrant black with shiny silver. This heavy contrast will enhance the graphic cut of the hairstyle.

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