For the upcoming 2010 summer, the new take on the big hair is about sexy volume rather than the '80s big, solid helmet.
Glamorous celebrities have a longstanding relationship with volume on the red carpet – full, bouncy hair looks healthy and gives off a youthful and glamorous vibe.

The look should never resemble that of a newsreader look like you've just left the hair salon – it must be loose enough to run your fingers through, but fused with voluminous lengths. Learn how to give your hairstyle glamorous volume and bounce with the following tips for all hair lengths.

Joanna Krupa Big Sexy Hairstyle
Lacey Schwimmer Long Hairstyle
Joanna Krupa
Lacey Schwimmer

The secret lays in how you finish the style and how big you should take your hair: the type of volume you create must suit your face shape and hair texture, so that the finished hairstyle won't look too exaggerated.

The first step to get that glamorous volume is prepping the hair and using a volumizing shampoo/conditioner that will create a great base. Also, fine hair types need a protein based product to make it fuller. Blow-drying is the easiest to get a stay-all-day 'do: section hair and starting at the nape, blow hair with a round brush (choose its size according to how big you want it – the larger the barrel the bigger your hair will be).

Maria Menounos Full Hairstyle
Gwen Stefani Hairstyle with Volume
Maria Menounos
Gwen Stefani

Creating big sexy volume on short haircuts is best done by adding texture and lifting hair away from the head to give the illusion of width and height. An easy way to get it is to work in day-old hair and use a good texturizing product to get that mussed-up look.
You can also grab a rat tail comb and a strong-hold hairspray to take the front of your hair, and tease it into a poof. Go as high as you dare!

A bouncy, voluminous blow-dry can also work on medium length hair styles. Create a rounded shape that looks best with a smooth and shiny finish, but it must be allowed to swing and move.

Rihanna Teased Poof Hairstyle
Claire Danes Sexy Blow-dry
Claire Danes

Long hairstyles can look a little limp and flat if not styled correctly, so always use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to encourage some lift and tease lightly at the crown after blow-drying. Another great way to fuse volume into long locks is to crimp the underneath layers to create a 'cushion' for the rest of the hair to sit on.

Eva Longoria Long Full Curls
Erin Lucas Voluminous Half Updo
Eva Longoria
Erin Lucas

Makeup Tips!

There are two ways of wearing makeup with big sexy hair this summer: either keep it to a minimum, ensuring you skin look flawless, and let your luscious bouncy hairstyle make the statement, or go all out with a bright pop of color on the lips and enhanced smoldering eyes.