A style that will never go out of fashion – long, shiny locks!

The boho mermaid look is the hottest way of wearing long hair in 2009.
Hair starts fat and sleek at the top, gradually becoming wavy in the mid-lengths then quite messy and textured part the shoulders.

Long hair will also be worn flat and straight with a severe center or side parting.
If you have a long face avoid this or wear it with bangs.
If your face is round let your hair fall on your cheeks to make it look narrower.

Experiment with light and low ponytails.
Teasing your ponytail for more volume and spritzing some shine spray is a really hot look right now.

Don't be afraid of wearing your curls with attitude – big, almost frizzy curls are setting trends at the moment.

You can achieve fabulous curls by winding hair onto a curling iron, then grabbing a hair pin and pinning the curl into place against the head by pin curling. When all the curls are done, spray with hairspray and leave for five minutes until the hair has set.
Next, remove the pins and rake through your hair using your fingertips.
Then, taking random sections of curls, push the hair back up against itself (like teasing, but with your fingers) so that hair becomes really voluminous and thick.

If you have flat, lifeless hair, get some layers cut in – you can keep your length but add fabulous bounce to it.